What is Honeycomb Paper

Honeycomb paper is an eco-friendly, strong, and costs effective Kraft paper packaging material formed with hexagonal cells formation. Made by our honeycomb paper making machine,honeycomb paper forming machine,or cut the wrapping roll to sheet by our another honeycomb paper cushion making machine.It is used in inner as well as outer packaging. It can also be used as a shock absorbent, as a shield or even as pallets. It is cost-effective due to its recyclable properties. Made out of Kraft paper and water-based glue, it has a great utility in the packaging industry. It is a strong material with high resistance and durability .Honeycomb packaging is best for packaging of all types and size of materials, be it a small cell phone or a large automotive part. Smallest chips to the largest generators can be efficiently packed using this.


What is Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a tough, water-resistant packaging paper with a brownish-yellow color and a wide range of uses. It is often used to make paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, record sleeves, files and sandpaper. The basis weight range is from 80 g/m² to 120 g/m². There are differences between web and flat paper, single-sided light, double-sided light, and stripe. The main quality requirements are flexibility and strength, high burst resistance, and ability to withstand greater tension and pressure without breaking. Kraft paper has a high tensile strength, such as single gloss, double gloss, stripes, and no grains. Mainly used for packaging paper, envelopes, etc.

The Future of Green Packaging

Because of the irreversible environmental pollution caused by the use of plastics, more and more countries have joined the plastic restriction industry. In China, although the “plastic restriction order” was implemented in 2008, with the rise of the Internet economy, the old version The “plastic limit order” of China continues to encounter new problems, and the effect is greatly reduced. Therefore, the introduction of the new version of the “plastic limit order” has received wider expectations.

Application of Kraft Paper

It is used in various industries such as chemical industry and machinery, especially widely used in food packaging industry.
The purpose of kraft paper:
    Kraft paper is widely used in various packaging supplies, paper bags, handbags, kraft paper, color boxes, gift boxes, kraft paper, printing kraft paper.
    Kraft paper for notebooks, kraft paper for workbooks, kraft paper for envelopes

Type of Green Packing

Reusable packaging, such as beer, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar and other packaging, are used repeatedly in glass bottles.
Recycling packaging can be regenerated by two methods. The physical method refers to direct and thorough purification and crushing without any residual pollutants.
The treated plastic is then used directly to recycle packaging containers.  The chemical method means that after the recycled PET is pulverized and washed, under the action of a catalyst, the PET is completely depolymerized into monomers or partially depolymerized, and then the monomers are repolymerized into recycled packaging materials after purification.

Honeycomb Paper Roll Type 

Packaging and Product Design, inspired by trees and bees
Paper honeycomb, or simply ‘Honeycomb’ as it is addressed informally, has best-in-class characteristics through the combination of superior strength and rigidity because of its unique form of hexagonal shaped cells. The strength and rigidity are paired with extreme low aerial weight per cubic metre. These functional elements make paper honeycomb an attractive alternative for designers of protective packaging or as the base material for the production of doors, acoustic walls, exhibition panels and even furniture.